New Bluetooth Beanies

CozyB is proud to announce that our brand new CozyB Bluetooth Beanies have arrived. We’ve been working tirelessly over the past few months in preparation for our unique new beanies. Our bluetooth beanies will come in three different styles; Navy Blue, Army Green and Marble Grey.

Our bluetooth beanies will connect wirelessly to your phones and mp3 players. All you need to do is turn your bluetooth beanie on, switch on the bluetooth on your phone or mp3 player and pair the two devices. From there you can listen to music without the hassle of cords getting in your way. You can also change songs as well as the volume by pressing the wireless bluetooth controls on the beanie. In addition to these features is the built-in microphone. Just press the play button to answer incoming phone calls, or hold down the play button for 2 seconds to redial the most recent phone number dialled in your phone. You get all these features with 8 hours battery life and 1-2 hours charge time via the included micro USB charge cord. An instruction manual is included with each beanie.

We also offer a 6 month speaker warranty so if you have any issues just send us an email at and we can help you out.







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