Bringing In The New Years


The new years period is a great time to sneak away from the office for a week or two away. The CozyB team is based in Melbourne, so there was no white Christmas and New Years this year but we were able to enjoy a classic Australian Christmas and new years among some of the great Summer destinations Australia has.

To celebrate the new years some of the CozyB team travelled down to Inveloch for a bit of summer sun, sand and beaches. Having hired out a lovely old beach house with a few mates we have been spending our days playing some beach cricket, backyard cricket, lawn bowls, card games and of course sinking a few cold frothies. While the weather could be a little better we are expecting some more beach weather later in the week so hopefully we can get out in the water for a surf.

Along with half of the residents in Inveloch we headed out last night to the local ESPY hotel to bring in the new years. We had a great night filled with dancing and singing, lasting til the early hours of the next morning. Today most of us spent it recovering in our beds. Certainly not the liveliest bunch this morning!

Some of the the other members of the CozyB team enjoyed their Summer break camping up near Yarrawonga on the iconic Murray River. Jet Skiing, swimming and of course fishing were highlights of the trip.

Having a Yamaha Superjet stand up jet ski at the river is great as we can practice our snowboarding skills out on the jet ski. The stand up jet ski provides some great opportunities to practice our weight transfer in a similar to fashion to that required when snowboarding. It takes quite a bit of skill to be able to drift on the jet ski while standing up, and we’re quite lucky that the water provides a nice soft landing when we fall off.

Fishing out on the tinny is another great activity to do on the Murray. Mozzarella cheese is our bait of choice and we caught lots of Murray Cod and Silverbrim (silver perch), although none big enough to keep for dinner.

Whether you’re spending this period overseas snowboarding or skiing in Canada or Japan, or enjoying the warm weather on the beaches of Fiji, Hawaii, Australia or anywhere else in the world we hope you have a fun and safe New Years!

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