About Us



CozyB isn’t just about a beanie with some headphones in it. CozyB is about the feeling you get when you do the things you love. That floating feeling you get when you’re carving it up through powder or finally landing that new skate combo you’ve been working on for months, there’s nothing like it. We love that feeling. For us, that’s what life’s about, pushing yourself to do things you never thought possible. CozyB is dedicated to enhancing those experiences.

When you get a hold of a CozyB beanie it becomes yours. Wear it, love it and most importantly make sure you get out there and push your limits. Get Cozy.



‘Twas the Winter of 2013 when the snowflakes were falling and the lifts were turning, and the first steps were taken to form CozyB. It all started when we handmade our very first prototype CozyB beanie. We travelled around Australia and New Zealand testing our first beanie. It was an instant success. There was nothing better than snowboarding down a mountain listening to our favourite tunes in style.

It was on the plane home from New Zealand that we decided to launch CozyB with the vision of providing the unique experience that our CozyB beanies provide. We have worked exceptionally hard to build up CozyB and we are incredibly proud of the product we have produced. We hope that everyone else love’s our CozyB beanies just as much as we do.